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Our hotel works 24/7.

Check-in and check-out —  12:00.

Check-in before 12:00 – additional fee 50% of room rate

Late check-out (12:01-18:00) – additional fee 25% of room rate

Late check-out (18:01 до 23:59) – additional fee 50% of room rate

Buffet breakfast or continental breakfast is served in the restaurant on the ground floor from 7 a.m to 11 a.m. – fee 350 rubles. The fee can be included in the room rate.

If you book 1 bed in double or triple -bed room, you may share a room with other quests.

Children under 6 stay free without the bed provided.

Booking is free.

Staying in our rooms with animals is strictly prohibited.

We remind you that smoking in the hotel rooms, corridors, halls and restaurant is strictly prohibited and against Russian legislation.  The designated smoking area is to the left of hotel entrance. The fine for smoking is 2000 Rubles.

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